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Eastern Gate

Our journeys into the land have always had prophetic significance through the prayers and proclamations we have made as we walked where Jesus walked. We have taken trips year after year, through the intifadas, through the war with Lebanon, through the increasing unrest in the nation, because we know that Israel lives under a divine mandate to survive.

This year, however, we go with an even greater intentionality in our resolve. At our 2015 Global Conference in Indianapolis, Jane made a bold declaration concerning God’s call to this ministry:

Aglow is immovable in its stand and its position with Israel.

It is as if we have come to a pivotal moment where, like Esther, we have revealed our family and our people in a way that is crucial for moving forward in God’s purposes. We invite you to read and watch our trip updates. and join us on our journey as we visit the historic sights of spiritual significance, partnering with God in His purposes as we stand… “As One, For Such a Time As This.”





star CLICK:  STRATEGIC PRAYER FOR ISRAEL This is a valuable tool for praying specifically for current issues. 


The Aglow International Conference was historic. Jew and Arab came together, along with male and female, in an unprecedented display of unity as One. To read a daily blog capturing the heart of the events go to the blog link at: AglowConference2015.org.

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This  website is designed to inform and inspire you by providing opportunities  to stay connected with Aglow’s Israel mandate in an ongoing way.

What can you expect to find here?

  • Up-to-date articles selected on a variety of subjects written by respected journalists, commentators and teachers.
  • Suggested opportunities for ways to respond to current events.
  • Book reviews recommended by Aglow Israel Education Director Sandy Wezowicz.
  • Blog posts with contributions from seasoned Aglow partners and leaders.

Our goal is to make this site fun, informative and interactive. We want to enable Aglow men and women  to be better informed about issues regarding Israel, the land and the people; to  be more effective advocates and intercessors.

Click on the image below to watch  a short clip of the video to better understand Aglow’s commitment to the people and land of Israel:

Video link

This documentary narrated by Israel Education Director, Sandy Wezowicz, showcases footage from past trips. Produced in 2011, just prior to Aglow’s 10th trip to Israel, this is the dramatic recounting of all that God has accomplished in over a decade of divine leading.

walk  Video – Jerusalem – Old City – A walking travel tour