Sunrise on the Sea of Galilee

We departed our hotel at 8:00 am and made our way to the first stop of Magdala, hometown of Mary Magdalene. The recent excavation of the first century synagogue and well-preserved village makes Magdala one of the most interesting Biblical sites in Israel. The pictures below show some of the detail of the original mosaic tile and paint on the wall from the first century synagogue. It is widely agreed by scholars that Jesus taught in this synagogue, thus the mosaic tiles would be the ones he walked on and the paint on the wall what He actually saw as He taught. 

The Atriuim at Magdala. On 7 of the 8 columns are names of women who were touched by Jesus. For instance, Mary Magdalene, below. The 8th pillar has no carved name as it represents all women touched by the Saviour.

We traveled to Ginosar to board our wooden boats for a time of prayer and celebration on the sea of Galilee.

After returning to Ginosar we visited the Yigal Alon Museum. It  houses the famous Ancient Boat (“Jesus Boat”), a 2,000 year-old small fishing vessel that was uncovered from the mud at the bottom of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) during a bad drought 30 years ago.  The boats we rode on were re-created versions of this boat.
The photo below shows how they recovered it, using foam to protect it until it was preserved. 

After lunch we visited Capernaum and viewed the excavations of the seaside village and Peter’s home.

Synagogue at Capernaum

Below: Sandy showing the former ancient Roman “ladies’ room.” 🙂

Excavations of some homes in the fishing village.

St. Peter’s Catholic Church was built over the ruins of Peter’s house.

Below you can see the ruins through the glass.

We drove to the Mt. of Beatitudes for an awesome view of the Galilee.  
The Mount of Beatitudes is believed to be the setting for Jesus’ most famous discourse, the Sermon on the Mount,  It is one of the most beautifully serene places in the Holy Land.

Approximately 200 Aglow people were baptized in the Jordan River today. 

Dave McDaniel, spoke to all of us and prayed before the baptisms began. Click here to read his message.

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