Day 6 – Israel Tour

Today we had a choice of two different itineraries, so here is where Bus 3 went:

The video below from  the National Park at Beit Guvrin explains what we did and how much fun it was to connect with ancient history.

Below: Going down the stairs into the cave

Receiving instruction.

We found treasures from 2000 years ago.  (Pieces of pottery)


What an adventure!

We traveled to the valley where David met Goliath

After lunch in the mall at Ein Karem we visited  the  birthplace of  John the Baptist. 

The church’s claim to fame is that it encompasses a cave believed to be where John the Baptist was born in the home of his parents Zechariah and Elizabeth.



BUSES 1 & 2  saw the Roman Aqueduct as they traveled.  The old city Caesarea required a steady flow of running water.  Initially its waters came from the local wells. However, as the  population grew to several hundred thousand people, a large scale aqueduct was required to bring the water from a distance.  The aqueduct was built in several phases, starting from King Herod. The first aqueduct was built by Herod (37BC to 4BC), at the time the new city was founded and dedicated to the Roman Caesar, Augustus. It brought the water from the southern side of Mount Carmel abut 10 km to the  north east of the city.

Then they went to the desert.

Because of the unprecedented flooding rains here yesterday,  we needed to be flexible with the day’s planned activities. So buses 1 & 2 traveled south stopping at the Ahava factory. The Aglow tour did their best to support the economy of Israel! (smile)

We continued to monitor road conditions to Masada and were preventing from visiting to due to road closures. It allowed us to have an extended tour of Qumran. It is a series of caves, some natural, some artificial found in the Judean Desert, near the Dead Sea.   In 1948,  a young shepherd was walking along and threw a stone and heard the sound of pottery  breaking and it led to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

This is one of the caves where the writings of the Essenes was discovered.

We visited an archaeological site of the Essene community. These were the scribes who wrote the Dead Sea scrolls  and hid them them in the caves to preserve them from the Roman oppressors who were  burning. Jerusalem.

VIDEO BELOW: Hear about the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

This is a short film about the Essene community. John the Baptist is thought to have lived amongst them. The Essenes hid the scrolls in the caves.

Bedouins It is startling to see how they in live in the desert, but they choose to live this way. The government is willing to relocate them in more permanent housing,  but the majority chose to remain.   Within the Arab community, they are a minority.  Since 1948, Bedouins have served in the IDF in large numbers, mostly in scouting or tracking. units.  


THE DEAD SEA –  We ended the day at the Dead Sea, the lowest place on earth. It is 9 ½ times saltier than ocean water. Because it is so salty no plant or animal can survive…and no one can sink! It’s hard to believe, but so true! We had so much fun scooping up the mud and slathering it on each other.  After showering your skin felt you had just had a free treatment at  an upscale spa!

The Dead Sea is shrinking due to lack of water running into it.

You can’t sink in the Dead Sea!


VIDEO below

So much fun!

  Prayer Points –

We need your prayers as we head home soon.

We declare:

  • No delays.
  • No missed connections.
  • No lost, left behind, misplaced luggage, laptops, phones, or any possession.
  • We pray for favor, favor, favor for upgrades, placements, food, considerations, pleasantness, and kindness to surround each traveler.
  • We pray for grace in every situation — no chaos.
  • We pray for  angelic protection to surround them on all sides!
  • We pray for an ease of transition as they leave their journey to Israel and re-enter everyday life.

Thank you for praying!



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